Update to ScratchThat and other stuff


It’s been a minute since I’ve pushed significant updates to anything in my portfolio–but these past few weeks have been relatively quiet so here are some new things. ScratchThat, my forever in-progress DJ-for-everyone-on-the-site app, is slowly improving. I can’t say it’s ready to enter the open beta phase but it’s pretty useable (for anyone who wants to listen to primarily my picks, as well as their own).

Earth2, another app that hasn’t been touched since like March or April, is now open to the public to contribute. Essentially, my Github account expired so I had to move it to a public repository. If you’re interested in checking out the code for that, go nuts! I may revisit that at some point in the future.

Finally, the print version of LFR has received a long awaited update! This one catches it up to the iOS version (whose future is currently uncertain as my laptop doesn’t seem to be powerful enough to run the latest version of xcode–but we will see what happens!).

Until next time,
Battle on!