Some long overdue spring cleaning…

If you haven’t already noticed, I finally got around to cleaning up around here. I’ve made the overall UI much cleaner (which I really should’ve done sooner since it’s basically what I do full-time now) and fixed a lot of the loading/caching issues (which were admittedly caused by the super huge image sizes I keep uploading). So, wipe the tears of your mobile data plan away, this site should be much better optimized once I get a few more new posts on the front page.

I’ve also removed the writing section completely as it’s not really a good reflection of where I’m at career-wise anymore. Of course, you can always visit that page here if you want to relive those memories and I’ll continue to post anything major if I feel like people might find it interesting *cough*.

With this new redesign, I’m also committed to posting more often! So here’s to new beginnings and new content!