MidwestJS 2016: The Dark Knight Returns

I can’t believe I did this write up back in September and then proceeded to never post it! So here’s my MidwestJS 2016 report, about half a year late but possibly entertaining for those who enjoy reading this sort of thing:

And thus the saga continued. After greatly enjoying my first adventure into the midwest in 2015, I decided to return for round two and see what the next iteration of this Javascript conference had to offer.

For the uninitiated, the conference was broken down into several streams—so you could either stick to one particular framework or subject area for the entire conference, or take a more scattershot approach at exploring the various talks. I decided to mainly stick to the Angular 2 stream as much as possible as it was the framework that I had the least amount of experience with (I had only done some Angular 1 stuff but then I had heard that they had changed a significant amount of the syntax etc that it was almost an entirely new beast).

So, after figuring out which of the talks I’d be dropping in on (and visiting the Purple One’s stomping grounds), I was ready for my second year at Midwest JS:

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Bitmaker: Week 4 (A Belated Intro)

BitmakerFirst things first. You’re probably wondering why I’m starting a blog on my experiences in Bitmaker (a super intensive 9-week development course) when I’m already in the 4th week. The truth is, I forgot about this. It’s been an insanely busy few weeks so far (I’m pretty sure I’ve been programming for more hours than I’ve been getting sleep) but at least I’m learning a lot. Though I’ve come into this program with somewhat of an advantage thanks to spending most of last summer programming the heck out of LEFT FOOT RIGHT, Ruby on Rails is still pretty challenging in terms of remembering all the things you can do with it. The language Ruby itself isn’t that difficult, especially coming off of Objective-C, but Rails is the type of thing that will take some time to learn properly.

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