While I continue never-ending work on my photography website and machine learning.. err… learning, I had a bit of time to revisit an old friend. That’s right: SCRATCH THAT HAS BEEN REBORN. I’ve rewritten one of my very first web apps for a brand new generation (…). Originally, I had built it in Rails because that was the framework that I had gotten my start with and was ultimately more familiar with but, despite my best attempts to utilise Rails 5’s new action cable feature, I caved and completely did it again from the ground up. Not that I wouldn’t have been able to do similar stuff in Rails, but it really needed an overhaul anyways and I just love how easy Meteor.js makes it to get a real-time app going (even easier if you git clone my meteor quick start repo :).

Feature-wise, it’s very similar to before, only now it’s real-time and anyone can search for and submit songs without interrupting the playlist. I’ve used it at a party already and it’s pretty fun (mainly because it pulls directly from SoundCloud so you don’t know exactly what you’re going to get when you search for a specific song title).

For the time being, ScratchThat isn’t live anywhere—mostly because I’m too cheap to pay for hosting at the moment—but you can download it here and run it yourself if you’re wanting to try it out.

MidwestJS 2016: The Dark Knight Returns

I can’t believe I did this write up back in September and then proceeded to never post it! So here’s my MidwestJS 2016 report, about half a year late but possibly entertaining for those who enjoy reading this sort of thing:

And thus the saga continued. After greatly enjoying my first adventure into the midwest in 2015, I decided to return for round two and see what the next iteration of this Javascript conference had to offer.

For the uninitiated, the conference was broken down into several streams—so you could either stick to one particular framework or subject area for the entire conference, or take a more scattershot approach at exploring the various talks. I decided to mainly stick to the Angular 2 stream as much as possible as it was the framework that I had the least amount of experience with (I had only done some Angular 1 stuff but then I had heard that they had changed a significant amount of the syntax etc that it was almost an entirely new beast).

So, after figuring out which of the talks I’d be dropping in on (and visiting the Purple One’s stomping grounds), I was ready for my second year at Midwest JS:

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Belated Tales from CES: A Photo Report of Sensory Overload

CES, also known as the Consumer Electronics Show, is a strange beast. On one hand, it’s massive, never-ending, and home to some of the coolest gadgets and future tech that likely won’t be seen by the average consumer for many years. On the other hand, you really do have to dig through a lot of *ahem* bullshit, to get through to the gems of the conference. Such is the nature of any trade show though.

Sunny Las Vegas, home of gigantic Ferris wheels, strange worldly replications, and other things that might make you question whether you really knew the true America, is where this tale of gluttony takes place. Though the sunny exterior may be inviting, do not be deceived by what is actually a Dorian Grey like reflection on the darker side of humanity…

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Earth2 returns!





I’ve finally managed to fix the API issue that was causing the ticker to crash (Feedzilla is currently down so I switched us over to the Guardian’s news API feed). So the good news is that Earth2 is back online! The bad news is that it no longer works in Chrome because Google is killing the Google Earth API. For the time being though, it works in Firefox and Safari.

LFR 1.1 Released

LFR_Screenshot1It’s only been about a week since LFR iOS hit the streets, but the first patch to the game went live last night. This one fixes a few bugs but more importantly, I’ve majorly upped the resolution of a bunch of the images so it should make for a much sharper experience. I’m currently working on LFR 1.2 which should be ready for some time next week–this will include the much requested tutorial overhaul!