Forum Live

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The idea behind Forum Live was to create an application similar to Timeplay, but for conferences. For those outside of Canada, Timeplay is an app that you download and use when you go to the movies. Before the show, you get the chance to play trivia games with the other audience members and score points, free popcorn etc. In my opinion, the creation of Timeplay was a pretty brilliant way to combat piracy (as it is hard not to get excited about it once everyone starts pulling out their phones).

Certain conferences have a tougher problem because their content can be dry or boring by default. Forum Live helps to solve this by providing some much needed energy to the audience that is constantly ongoing. Trivia questions are based around the talks, which encourages audience members to pay closer attention and the app also allows the ability to poll the audience in real-time.

As this app was built in Meteor.js, all activity is rendered in real-time which means that the audience members can see the scoreboard and graph results which are constantly being updated.

Above: to help improve the load times, no assets were used in the app (e.g. the above door was built entirely in CSS).

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