Updates for everyone!

Just a quick update on what I’ve been up to. It’s been far too long since I’ve started cleaning up my portfolio. But it’s time to stop coasting and time to start pushing myself again! Over the past several days, I’ve pushed updates to Earth2, ScratchThat, and StickyBookmarks.

In the pipeline, I’ve been actively developing the cross-platform version of LEFT FOOT RIGHT (which I’m currently building in Meteor.js and hope to use React.js as the frontend). More on that next time… I’m hoping to have a working beta by Fall or early Winter. I am managing to push my way through it quicker than when I was building the iOS app. But we shall see!

Earth2 returns!





I’ve finally managed to fix the API issue that was causing the ticker to crash (Feedzilla is currently down so I switched us over to the Guardian’s news API feed). So the good news is that Earth2 is back online! The bad news is that it no longer works in Chrome because Google is killing the Google Earth API. For the time being though, it works in Firefox and Safari.


LFRAppStore_thumbIt’s on hold indefinitely. It turns out my computer can’t actually run the latest version of Xcode (Apple’s programming software for iOS) without getting ridiculously slow. Sooooo the next update would have to be when I get a better computer (and that might not be for a few years…). The good news is that I’ve started looking into what it would take to turn LEFT FOOT RIGHT into a web app so it can run on every device all the time. Let us all take a moment of silence to appreciate LFR iOS which made it all the way to version 1.41.

To the future!

Update to ScratchThat and other stuff


It’s been a minute since I’ve pushed significant updates to anything in my portfolio–but these past few weeks have been relatively quiet so here are some new things. ScratchThat, my forever in-progress DJ-for-everyone-on-the-site app, is slowly improving. I can’t say it’s ready to enter the open beta phase but it’s pretty useable (for anyone who wants to listen to primarily my picks, as well as their own).

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Saving Sandra Bullock: An Update

Well, it’s certainly been a while since my last update. What’s been going on–well, I’ve started working on getting LEFT FOOT RIGHT ready for iOS8, I just came back from a Ruby conference in Buffalo and, oh I met the PRESIDENT OF NASA. In short, he was in town with a bunch of other famous astronauts and space people (including Bill Nye) so he popped by the Science Centre to commend our efforts on saving Sandra Bullock.

Ultimate success story: I managed to ask him whether it made more sense to train astronauts to drill rather than training drillers to be astronauts. The next time I see Michael Bay, I’ll probably have some bad news for him.


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