Of Montreal, Of New York

From the top of the Empire State Building… that’s pretty darn tall y’all.

I’ve been travelling a lot lately, mostly by choice, sometimes involuntarily. But it’s a pretty decent time of year to be going in and out of Toronto for the most part. You don’t really want to be travelling when it’s super cold (especially when it’s also a cold place you’re going to) and you don’t really need to travel when it’s already super warm, so I generally reserve Spring and Fall for my vacation zones in order to get the most out of it.

Montreal: I think this is a University campus. One of the only warm days while I was there before it got super cold again!

At the moment, I’m trying to determine where my next big trip will be. I’ve got New York upcoming again next week but I’m debating doing France again (which I did October 2016) or maybe a more general Europe trip. Or maybe I’ll just let YYZ Deals dictate where I head to next.

I just realized this is the first bloggish post I’ve done in yeaaaaars. Too weird, man.