LFR iOS Update

As I gear up for another Saturday of programming, I figured it might be beneficial to post an update of where the mobile version of LEFT FOOT RIGHT stands. Currently, it’s in pretty good shape and for the most part, ready to be submitted to the Apple store. I ended up having to remove certain cards and tweak the rules some but it’s made for an overall tighter experience. I’ve also finally had a chance to test it out on multiple versions of the iPhone and it no longer crashes. My main concern these days is making it as easy as possible to learn how to play while making it as difficult as possible to beat the AI.

The AI has definitely improved since I started working on it last year but there’s still some work to be done to put the game into the “extremely difficult” category. As of now, I can beat the AI 50% of the time which is pretty good considering I know the game and all of its tricks/loops etc, but I feel like I can push it to be just a little bit stronger. I used to be concerned that the game’s challenging nature would put people off (it’s basically the equivalent to setting the difficulty to hard-mode right off the bat) but after seeing the success of Flappy Bird (which is a ridiculously hard game), I’ve decided to go all-in on how strong I can make the AI.

So that’s that. The game’s still on target to be released in March 2014!