LFR iOS is on its way.


Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted an update here–though that’s generally a good thing. I tend not to pay much attention to Linkedin or the other resume sites while I’m keeping busy. And I’ve been busy! The iOS version of LEFT FOOT RIGHT is set to come out within the next few months. I only have a few more changes I need to make and then spend some more time testing on an actual iOS device (I’ve been doing all the testing so far on the simulator [which has its advantages, I suppose]). I’m starting an intensive 9-week program on Monday so I won’t have much time to focus on the game, which means I’m attempting to finish it this week!! It’s doable but the cold weather has been keeping me from venturing to coffee shops–I don’t get so much done from home these days.

I was thinking about booking a hotel JK Rowling style to finish it off but who wants to stay in a hotel in Toronto? It would make for a cool U.S. trip but I won’t be able to go anywhere while this course is ongoing soooooo I’ll just have to finish it off the old fashioned way. I’ll update the second it’s done.

Until next time!