Hacking Health Recap

theSeer_coverartYou know how you know an album’s really epic? When you listen to it again a few years later and it’s somehow grown ten times in how huge it sounds. I’m referring to The Seer, which has popped back into my playlist again now that Swans has put out a new album just this week.

Something else I realized is that it’s been ten whole days since we attended Hacking Health for Kids @ SickKids and I haven’t yet written anything about it. Looking back, I wish I had taken more pictures throughout the event (though I assume plenty will emerge eventually) as all I really have to share are screenshots from the app we built.

platepalOur entry was PlatePal, an app to help clients communicate their daily meals to their mentor in a more visual and simple manner. Though we didn’t quite get all the backend stuff working, it was more or less in full presentation form by the time demos started (with major credit to our new team member, Ellen Dykes). Also on my team were Bitmaker all-stars Jenna and Barbara (making it a bit of a “Crowdfunder” reunion).

We had considerably less time to tackle this app though, which made it a bit more stressful than the previous hackathons but overall it was pretty fun. I know I’ve probably said this a few times before, but this will likely be my last hackathon for a while–after doing three in one month, it starts to get to you.

Demoing PlatePal.
Demoing PlatePal.

Once we get the app up and running as we originally intended, I’ll post the online link so you all can play around with it.

Also forthcoming… LFR 1.3 is just about ready to be submitted to Apple. This is probably the biggest update to the game as of yet in terms of changes and overall impact–but more on that once it’s been published.

Until next time!