e54fd8969c2f11e3b148122f255355e2_8I attended my first ever hackathon this weekend which was about as intense as one would think. Coming off a week with less than sufficient sleep probably didn’t help but the energy in the room was enough to keep me going throughout. Along with my fellow Bitmaker, Barbara, we interviewed some of the groups involved in the event who were getting down and dirty with their pet-projects. There were plenty of cool gadgets present, including Google Glass, Raspberry Pie, Kiwi wearables, and a whole lot more, but the project that ultimately stole the show was a group that decided to crowd-source driving a toy race car–basically, viewers at home can vote on directions to move the car and the highest vote would register (the movement could be seen through an iPhone that was strapped to the car itself). And yes, it’s about as insane as Pokemon Twitch.

Runners up would probably be the virtual air guitar. There’s plenty of video footage available so I’ll update this post once it goes live. Speaking of which, I’ve been doing these video podcasts since I started at Bitmaker so I should probably start linking to those too!