Bitmaker: Week 5 (Adventures in Javascript)

reservationsystemWell, the fact that I’ve managed to remember about this Bitmaker blog’s existence is a minor miracle in itself. So… what’s happened since my last update? (currently referring to last blog post to see what I wrote) Right. The most recent project we finished in Rails was the OpenTable clone (a restaurant reservation app) which proved tricky to implement. The logic in getting it done was pretty straightforward, after building similar apps prior to this one, but what messed up myself and several other students had to do with how the various models related to each other (has_many, belongs_to, has_many, through etc). These concepts aren’t particularly tricky to understand, at least in the beginning, it’s when the code starts running through the relationships that you really get to see if you know what you’re doing.

We just started Javascript this morning which seems to be so far similar to other languages like Objective-C and Java, at least syntax-wise. Speaking of Objective-C, I’ve been wrapping up production on LFR-IOS (I know I’ve been telling my friends this for at least the last 5 months). But seriously. I sent out several beta copies and have been hashing out the remaining bugs on my own. It’s almost time to unleash this monster onto the world; after all, I did announce a self-imposed release-date/deadline of March 2014. The only things that remain are mostly polishing related and perhaps improving the AI (though I’ll continue to update this aspect even after the game is released). I’ll post screenshots next week!