Bitmaker: Week 4 (A Belated Intro)

BitmakerFirst things first. You’re probably wondering why I’m starting a blog on my experiences in Bitmaker (a super intensive 9-week development course) when I’m already in the 4th week. The truth is, I forgot about this. It’s been an insanely busy few weeks so far (I’m pretty sure I’ve been programming for more hours than I’ve been getting sleep) but at least I’m learning a lot. Though I’ve come into this program with somewhat of an advantage thanks to spending most of last summer programming the heck out of LEFT FOOT RIGHT, Ruby on Rails is still pretty challenging in terms of remembering all the things you can do with it. The language Ruby itself isn’t that difficult, especially coming off of Objective-C, but Rails is the type of thing that will take some time to learn properly.

So far I’ve managed to successfully create both Imgur and Amazon clones so it’s coming along pretty quickly–which is a good thing seeing how the course is nearly halfway over and I’ll be starting my final project soon. I was going to attempt porting LFR to Android but several other projects are now on the table. Anyways, back to work. Here’s to hoping I’ll remember to update this blog again before the end of the course.