Belated Tales from CES: A Photo Report of Sensory Overload

CES, also known as the Consumer Electronics Show, is a strange beast. On one hand, it’s massive, never-ending, and home to some of the coolest gadgets and future tech that likely won’t be seen by the average consumer for many years. On the other hand, you really do have to dig through a lot of *ahem* bullshit, to get through to the gems of the conference. Such is the nature of any trade show though.

Sunny Las Vegas, home of gigantic Ferris wheels, strange worldly replications, and other things that might make you question whether you really knew the true America, is where this tale of gluttony takes place. Though the sunny exterior may be inviting, do not be deceived by what is actually a Dorian Grey like reflection on the darker side of humanity…







There’s something unsettling about being able to walk into a casino at any point in the day AND at any point in the city. Are stretches of 24/7 casinos really that profitable? How many buffets does one town need? Is somebody washing down all of those slots? So many questions, so little time…









What is CES exactly? Is it a trade show filled with drones and VR, a promise of technological things to come, or an explosion of lights and sound designed to take you on a magical journey through senses you never knew you had? Friends, it is all of these things and so much more…






After spending four straight days wandering through the endless vendors and booths (only managed to get through 70% of the full convention in the end), there could only be one possible form of release for such an intense and draining journey…